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        American brand audio, subwoofer. The shell is made of plastic, and its spray effect is matte. Due to its regular appearance, double spray guns are used for spraying, which doubles the production capacity and has low cost and high efficiency.

        Site photos:

        Customer background:

        A plastic home appliance manufacturer in the Pearl River Delta region. The products cover major household appliances brands in the US and Japan.

        Background of the project:

        Recently, the customer has established a long-term cooperative relationship with a well-known American audio brand, and the order volume has increased greatly in the second half of the year. There is an urgent need to expand production capacity while ensuring product quality.

        Project objective information:

        According to the communication between our technical engineering team and customers during the meeting and mutual understanding, the products are made of plastic material, and all of them have cube structure. There are 5 models in total. The maximum size is 350mm × 350mm × 300mm, and the minimum is 200mm × 2000mm × 1500mm. Weight 1.5-3KG. Oil-based paint spraying is used. The process requires one coating and one baking. The film thickness is 20-25μm, and the uniformity is controlled within 1.5μm. The production capacity requirement is 1080000 pieces / year. The construction area of the site is 55M × 7.5M × 3.5M.

        Process analysis:

        Our company has its own proofing workshop. Retrieve the sample from the customer and debug it by our technical engineers. The overall film thickness difference is controlled to 1 μm, and the spraying cycle is 37s. Because the product has a cube shape, a regular shape and a regular spraying trajectory, if two spray guns are used to spray two products at the same time, the production capacity can be doubled.

         Capacity analysis:

        Yield is the prerequisite for stable output, and the main factors affecting yield are the following:

        1. Cleanliness of the production environment.

        2. The influence of temperature and humidity of production environment on paint.

        3. Whether the spraying action is flexible.

        4. Whether the paint flow control is accurate and stable.

        The constant temperature and humidity air supply system is used to transport fresh air that has passed through primary, intermediate and high efficiency filtration, which can ensure the cleanliness of the production environment to reach 100,000 levels, the temperature is controlled at 25 ± 3 ℃, and the relative humidity is 65 ± 10%. In terms of spraying, imported coating robots are used, which are flexible and flexible. It is equipped with the “Canlin supporting robot spraying process control system” independently developed by our company, which accurately controls the paint flow and achieves a good yield of more than 90%.

        Yield rate is the guarantee of stable output, and production capacity is the fundamental to ensure output. With a conservative estimate of a minimum yield of 90%, the annual production capacity needs to reach 1.2 million pieces / year. According to our proofing data, combined with the customer's annual production time, only two spraying systems can be used to meet the production capacity requirements.


        Through the above analysis, our company provides the following solutions.

        Conveyor system:

        Conveying adopts adjustable speed belt conveyor line. The line speed can be adjusted according to the product spraying cycle to improve production efficiency. The belt conveyor line is easy to maintain, the structure is stable and reliable, and the PVC material is used, which does not hurt the product surface.

        Air supply system:

        The air supply adopts a constant temperature and humidity system. The temperature in summer and winter can be maintained at 25 ± 3 ℃, and the relative humidity is controlled at 65 ± 10%. Fresh air enters the spray booth only after passing through multiple layers of intermediate efficiency and high-efficiency filter modules, ensuring the cleanliness of the production environment is within 100,000.

        Spraying system:

        Two spraying systems are used to achieve capacity requirements. The hardware adopts the painting robot side mounted on the gantry, Canlin H-shaped double-station rotary platform, and Canlin automatic paint supply system. The software uses "Canlin five-axis turntable spraying control system" and "Canlin supporting robot spraying process control system".


        After 25 days of intense construction on site, the project was successfully completed. After training in theoretical knowledge and practical operation, production personnel are proficient in the production process, precautions, robot program writing, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the entire production line. After a week of trial production, it fully met the customer's production capacity requirements. The yield rate exceeded the expected 90%.

        The successful completion of the project is inseparable from multiple communications with the client, fully understanding its needs and objective information of the project, and formulating a solution that fully meets the needs of the client. Chanlin always adheres to the principle of "listening to your needs and always thinking about one more step for you", moving forward with customers.

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