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        • 發布日期:2020-03-09
        • 瀏覽次數:3326

        ABB released a number of eye-catching new products at the Munich International Robotics and Automation Technology Trade Fair (AUTOMATICA 2018), including the new ABB Ability interconnected atomizer, which will help car manufacturers achieve real-time in the application process of spray coating Intelligent diagnostics to optimize spray quality, instead of only quality inspections to repair defects after the spray process is over.

        Spray painting is one of the most expensive links in the automotive manufacturing process, with expensive raw materials and high energy consumption. If there are quality problems caused by spray painting, the cost of rework production will further increase, and these problems can only be found after the spray painting is finished.

        Now, the new solution of ABB's advanced spray atomizer is integrated, which improves the spray paint rate and reduces the paint consumption in the atomizer by 75% during frequent color changes. In addition, its innovative anti-pollution design also extends the operating time of the external charging atomizer, which can be used for more than 4 hours after each cleaning, which means that while simplifying system maintenance, it improves equipment operation and production time and avoids Overspray pollution. The complete ABB spray system is an environmentally friendly turnkey solution that extends uptime through real-time analysis and optimized diagnostics to ensure production quality.

        The real breakthrough of this solution lies in successfully connecting the atomizer equipped with sensors with the ABB Ability digital platform, thus real-time intelligent diagnosis and precise paint control. This digital upgrade can help robot users gradually transform into the factory of the future. By monitoring key atomizer components such as cups, air motors, and forming air rings, as well as variables such as acceleration, pressure, vibration, and temperature, the real-time paint application rate can be increased by 10%, while avoiding the high cost of repainting or color addition Shut down.

        Ni Sid, Global Head of Robotics Business Unit, ABB, said: "Even in a mature and highly automated industry such as automotive manufacturing, digitization can still bring many new opportunities at your fingertips and help them optimize in unprecedented ways. Operations. Even in the high-cost part of painting, incremental improvements can bring very significant incremental results. The ABB Ability digital platform enables us to help our customers discover and take advantage of these new opportunities. "

        At the same time, the new ABB Ability Connected Atomizer RB 1000i series will also debut at the ABB Robot Spraying Customer Day on July 16-20, allowing customers to better understand new products and applications of ABB spraying. They also include a floor-standing IRB 5500 robot, a newly upgraded V2 ostrich hair cleaning equipment, a teaching spray gun SRP, a new generation of offline programming software PaintingPowerpac, and a FAD four-door two-cover high-precision coating solution and IRB 4600 film thickness detection.

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